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Print Date: August 17, 2022
Job ID: 46686

Job Overview

  • Company Name AFSC
  • Salary Offer $23.41 per hour
  • Job Start Date Wed, 11 May 2022 07:10:04 GMT
  • Job Type Part Time
  • Job Source Careerjet

Job title: Adjuster Trainee

Job description: At AFSC, we recognize that the key to our success is our people. As a progressive and rapidly changing organization, we continue to develop and nurture our reputation as a great place to work and are always looking for skilled individuals to join our team in one of our 42 offices located throughout Alberta.


**AFSC requires Adjuster Trainees on a seasonal basis in work units across the province that best suit business needs.**

Reporting to a Supervisor Claims Adjusting (SCA), the Adjuster Trainee works with a Trainer (Class A or Senior Adjuster) to perform routine inspections within a geographic work unit. As the Trainee develops, they will conduct inspections independently with results subject to audit by a Trainer. The Adjuster Trainee is expected to learn the provisions of the Inspection Manual, the Contract of Insurance, AFSC’s Code of Conduct, FOIP and directives issued by Claims Adjusting Services.

Adjusting communication style as necessary, the incumbent will demonstrate exceptional communication skills to develop relationships with our clients, ensuring they are aware of the purpose, coverage and results of the inspections. The Adjuster Trainee balances inspection priorities, making appointments and setting inspection schedules that honours these priorities, while minimizing travel costs and meeting targeted goals for AFSC.

In addition to building and maintaining client relationships, the Adjuster Trainee develops relationships with members of the Client Services Team to acquire client and contract information and to keep Relationship Managers aware of pending inspections and the results of inspections.

Specific Accountabilities


  • The Trainee Adjuster will be assigned to a Supervisor Claims Adjusting and will conduct routine inspections (pre-harvest, hail and post -harvest) primarily under the supervision of a Class A Adjuster or Senior Adjuster within this defined geographical area. This position may be required to move throughout the Province to gain training in different areas on new inspection types;
  • Perform job hazard analysis’ prior to conducting any inspections;
  • Conduct inspections safely within established policies and procedures using the technology tools provided (eg laptop, smart device, GPS, drone);
  • Resolve client inquiries and disputes through relationship building and problem solving and, where agreement is not reached, refer the situation with input to the Supervisor and or the Senior Adjuster for resolve;
  • Set up individual inspections and prepare inspection schedules with due consideration of the priorities of the inspection, the expected volume of inspections to be delivered and achieving this target at the lowest reasonable expense to AFSC;
  • Pursue professional development opportunities with the intent of achieving Class B Adjuster status.


  • Establish a strong and cooperative working relationship with a Class A Adjuster, the Senior Adjuster and Supervisor for resolve of client disputes and to acquire knowledge of underwriting and lending issues;
  • Establish situational relationships with clients to schedule inspection activities, access required information and assist in the communication of inspection results.

Function Contribution:

  • Provide input as required to the development & design of new and current inspection programs and procedures.

Client Experience Role:

  • Focus on value by collecting client feedback through on the job exposure to clients and provide to the Supervisor and or the Trainer;
  • Use continuous improvement principles and provide input into inspection processes, procedures and communication thereby enhancing the client experience;
  • Collaborate with other operations and delivery teams to ensure that the most appropriate advice, counsel and communication is provided to clients;
  • Demonstrate a passionate concern that clients’ interests and preferences will be addressed whenever possible in all inspection activities;
  • Create a safe and positive work environment that encourages respectful, forthright and honest feedback between team members and where team members learn together from experiences whether good or bad;
  • Achieve targeted results through the measured success of our clients and the feedback they provide.


  • High School Diploma or equivalent;
  • Valid Class 5 Driver’s License;
  • Flexibility to travel at minimal notice to various locations throughout Alberta for extended periods of time;
  • Farm experience and/or agriculture industry experience is a preferred asset.

Comfortable with both working individually or as part of a team, the successful candidate will have demonstrated technology skills (comfort with computers, GPS tracking, smart devices and corresponding applications). This position requires the physical ability to walk long distances through mature crops, and the ability to climb grain bins.


$23.41 per hour


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