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One of our jobs has some kind of flexibility option - such as telecommuting a part-time schedule or a flexible or flextime schedule.

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This is the combo job package which gives employers extra feature in the job posting. It increases your candidate reach and helps you to the right candidate for your job. It has all features of the premium version. However, your job will be posted on our different job portals. We will post your Advertisement for Three different job platforms.

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Here are two job packages for employers.



  • 1 Month Membership
  • 1 job posting
  • Refresh job
  • Download Resume
  • Job displayed for 30 days
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  • 3 Months Membership
  • 2 jobs posting
  • 1 refresh job
  • Download Resume
  • Job displayed for 90 days
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$300.00 $150.00

  • 6 Months Membership
  • 3 jobs posting
  • Refresh job
  • Download Resume
  • Job displayed for 180 days
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